My T-Mobile Online Billing

Getting your telephone bill can be overwhelming, especially when the total is higher than than expected.  T-Mobile found that the text and data-heavy paper bill was the source of a lot of customer confusion and pain points,

So they asked the Garrigan Lymnan Group to redesign it.  GLG did hours of user research to determine what users want to see, and how to lay that information out in a simple and intuitive way.

I was tasked with taking the findings from the paper-bill redesign and overhauling the online billing page.  The goal was to more closely match the bill users get in the mail and thereby reducing calls to Customer Care.

3-14-2014 4-12-57 PM

The digital bill has the advantage of hiding and revealing extra information, which makes it easier to organize the data in a way that a user can find what they need WHEN they need it. We stripped out only the most vital information and highlighted the things users want to know.

I had a couple of design concepts, so I built multiple Axure prototypes and ran  usability studies to verify aspects of the new designs. After three months, of studies, we settled on a final design.

3-14-2014 4-17-55 PM

Designs were fully annotated to account for every possible scenario on the bill.

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SupportHubI built with a mobile-first mentality to ensure experience was excellent on any device.

After the launch, T-Mobile saw considerably fewer calls to Customer Care. (Which was the primary goal of the redesign.)

We also made sure to enable telemetry on the page so that we could test iterative designs in the future.